Diwali — Perfect time to light up your business venture

Be it a start-up or not, Diwali can be your launchpad be set your business on a winning mode. Read more to know.

It's yet another time of the year, where you can see festivity lifting spirits and everyone’s beginning to switch on the celebration mode. Indian festival of lights is back and yes, it is considered the most auspicious season to light up your venture. India is one of the most desired markets for many start-ups, it is just behind the US and UK as per a report by Nasscom-ZINNOV.

Start-ups are quite unique and innovative, where the approach to a business idea is to just think and apply a simple and effective way of doing a daily routine differently. To name a few, Uber — your daily taxi, Zomato, or Swiggy — your feeding aid. What’s more, an adverse situation like this pandemic brings out the most innovative opportunities. While you explore more on it, here are a few tips to uplift your existing ventures.

Defeat the 10-headed Ravana

Yes, you heard it right, kill the weaknesses that thrive in your business — could be the business concept, approach to customers, the process, the people, anything. Time to sit back and wear the customer cap on — what pleases you or what annoys you. Is the partnership really required, do you have the right roadmap? Take bold decisions to get the RIGHT GOING.

For a startup, research forms the foundation and gives wings to ideas to stand the test of time. Always look for ideas backed with facts and data; you can never go wrong with data around. Always invest time and resources in proper research to do a feasibility check.

Branding your brand

You need recognition to run the race. Rangoli’s of the festive season inspire and remind us of the importance of brand and design. The craze for Apple besides other key players is its aesthetic appeal right from the product design to the marketing appeal. Create a list of things that define your brand and formulate how you will reach the world. You may need to think of logo designing, website restructuring, and some social media remodeling.

Take Mentoring and Support

You aren’t a Jack of all Trades; you need a strong pillar of support to course-correct your actions — think of mentorship. Your ideas need as much support as you do, have the right combination of support functions, from creative design support to delivery teams. It is a perfect amalgamation of many that stand on the ideal foundation that helps you move from a STARTUP.